[((( )))] -Kiley Hudson

[((( )))]

cat tails, the river’s eyelashes. 
i stroke the feathered forms,
for the breeze had them flirting
and i couldn’t resist.

water-logged moss
and the pudding movement of mud pies
that coalesce beneath your feet 
to fold into the old earth.

angelic insects
to drift above the growing fish,
in a thick molasses current.
with a wink they move sporadic 
to change places on the glassy surface
that ripples consequently
in miniature rings.

Kiley Hudson is a poet and plant enthusiast born and raised in southern California. She is a UCLA graduate with a BA in Art History and a minor in Geography // Environmental Studies. 

She now lives on a homestead in Northern California with her partner, their two dogs, two cats and ten chickens. Nature is her biggest muse. Follow along with her on Instagram @earthnalo // @earthnalopoetry

Photo: Sam Droege