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A Note from the Founding Editor

Greetings, and welcome to Casino Literary Magazine. I’m Casey DW Jones, founding editor.

In July of 2019, I was taking a design course through Minneapolis College of Art & Design. One of my projects was to develop a logo from scratch for a brand that did not yet exist. I chose a literary magazine and designed our now ubiquitous poker chip logo. A few days later, I bought the domain for and started building our website. I had talked about building a lit mag for years and it was time to put up and shut up.

After I finished my MFA at Hamline University in Saint Paul in 2017, I found myself at a crossroads. I continued to write short fiction (and still do), but I couldn’t shake my craving for the editorial process.  I served as a fiction screener, an assistant editor, and an associate editor for Water-Stone Review during my time at Hamline. (Strangely, I may have enjoyed screening the slush pile as much – or more – than anything else.) I grew to crave the feeling I get when I encounter a new voice and an original story that I know will resonate with other readers like me. 

I honestly don’t care to profit from this adventure. I simply want to connect great writers to great readers, and reward great writers for being great writers. That’s all. I hope you enjoy the high-stakes fiction we plan to publish. And I hope that if you’re an emerging writer, you submit your best shit to us during one of our biannual reading periods. 

One final thing. I know from personal experience how solitary a pursuit writing can seem, especially for new and emerging writers. How few our perceived successes are, creatively and financially, compared to our perceived failures. I also recognize it’s expensive to submit work over and over again. That’s why it is Casino Literary Magazine’s we will pay each contributor something. That’s why we charge a submission fee. There’s really no other reason.

I hope you enjoy our collection of short stories. And thank you for your support of small and independent presses and magazines like ours.

Yours truly,
Casey DW Jones
Founding Editor
Casino Literary Magazine

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